Plants for Pollinators - PolliNation Podcast

Nursery co-owner, Fred Weisensee, was a guest on OSU Extension Service's PolliNation Podcast with Andony Melathopoulos in April 2021. Fred listed "the pollinator plants you need" to add to your garden! These are examples of plants that will benefit local pollinators, season by season. 

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Don't worry about scrambling to take notes while you listen! Scroll down the page for a list of plants in the order they were mentioned in the episode. If we have a bunch of plants related to the one(s) specifically mentioned by Fred, then we'll include a link to search results on our website for that whole genus. Sometimes, though, we only have one plant in a given genus, so we just listed the single plant name.

Don't stop at our website--for further research, we recommend Oregon FloraThe Xerces Society and The Pollinator Partnership for great planting guides & lists.